Nopcommerce third party integration


NopCommerce Third Party Integration Services

Gaining access to some of the most significant data via different sources using API is one of the prominent concepts of eCommerce business as it assists the business owners to distribute real time data about their customers’ orders, delivery and other crucial details. We are NopGuru, and we are here to help our clients to keep them going on the fast track of their business and industry. We offer a lot of NopCommerce third party integration services; and some are listed below;

  1. Analyzing budget required for developing and integrating the API to your ecommerce website
  2. Integration of third-party API (of any type) to your ecommerce website
  3. Thorough optimization of your ecommerce website’s operations and automate them.
  4. Expert API support and maintenance in case of API issues at the time of integration.

Below is the list of APIs that can be Integrated with Your NopCommerce website, and they are;

Third party API integration in your NopCommerce website gives it the much necessary boost required to sustain the landscape of fierce competition. It wings your business to tackle the big brands over the web. APIs that can be integrated with NopCommerce websites are;

Product Catalogue APIs

Warehouse Management APIs

Conversion Boosting APIs

Payment API

Personalization APIs

Web Analytics APIs

Order Processing API

Shipping Management APIs

Shipping Quote APIs

Billing API

Marketing Automation APIs

Inventory Management APIs

Social Proof APIs

Affiliate APIs

Drop Shipping APIs

Site Search APIs

Location Detection APIs

Integration Email Marketing APIs

Key NopCommerce Integration Services


  1. NopCommerce POS (Point of Sale) Integration Services: POS on integration within an ecommerce website is the call of the time. It allows a business owner to organize and manage in-store sales and purchases, including scanning product data, pricing, customers, coupons, orders, returns and more. POI integration sends you the critical data; thereby, offering your time to act upon it.


  1. NopCommerce CRM Integration Services: In an ecommerce website, the role of customer relationship management (CRM) is extremely crucial. It’s one of the most crucial aspects of your ecommerce business, as it ensures the smooth functioning of your online business.


In an ecommerce business professional CRM integration is necessary, because, customers stay at the apex of the chain. This integration is worthwhile for dealing the personal data and the shopping patterns of your consumers. When you have all the data of your customers buying patterns; it becomes extremely for you to target them with your personalized marketing efforts.


  1. NopCommerce ERP Integration Services: ERP integration facilitates you consolidate even the smallest details of your customers, distributors, products, suppliers, orders, inventory, shipping and any other thing that is related to your online business. Being a NopCommerce development company, we suggest you to integrate an ERP into your NopCommerce website as soon as possible.

At NopGuru, we have a team of the talented NopCommerce experts who can integrate your NopCommerce online store with other systems and APIs that can wing your business. Moreover, it gives your customers a smooth shopping experience whenever they visit your website. Let us help you in bringing end-to-end visibility and full authority over the critical operations of your ecommerce website. For a free consolation and quote, please contact us at or dial +91-9428326785.